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The Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

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Electronic Cigarettes: Get in the Know

Electronic cigarettes have become an incredibly popular alternative to traditional smoking methods in recent years, and the trend is global. For anyone looking for a way to live a tobacco-free life, e-cigs offer users a way to enjoy a popular pastime without many of the negative aspects often associated with regular cigarettes. There are several types of electronic cigarettes on the market today, and they all offer the same great benefits to those seeking a healthier life.


There are a few types of electronic cigarettes available today, but they all work similarly. E-cigs are made up of two main pieces. The longer piece (the e-cig’s battery) looks similar to the paper tubes filled with tobacco in regular cigarettes. It can be recharged via a USB or wall charger, and, depending on the model chosen, will be adequate for a day’s worth of regular use. The short piece is called a cartomizer and is made up of two main components: the cartridge where the e-liquid is stored and the atomizer. The atomizer heats the e-liquid and turns it into a vapor when a user draws on the unit, thus creating a thick and flavorful smoking experience.


Some of the most popular reasons for making the switch to the electronic alternative to smoking include the associated costs, cleanliness and the limited number of carcinogens coming into direct contact with the smoker.
  • Electronic cigarettes are substantially more cost effective than other smoking methods. The refillable cartomizers cost only a fraction of a pack of cigarettes and will last much longer. It’s possible for a pack-a-day smoker to save upwards of three thousand dollars a year simply by picking up an e-cig.
  • Lingering smoke from regular tobacco cigarettes can yellow and stain clothing, furniture, surfacing materials, and even your hands. Since the only emissions created by e-cigs are an odorless, water-based vapor, this can be eliminated with ease.
  • When tobacco is burned and tar is created, over six hundred carcinogens can be found. Electronic smoking devices don’t burn anything, which drastically reduces this number. It’s been shown that e-cigs don’t produce anywhere near the same number of dangerous chemical compounds, and those that can be found are only in trace amounts. Trace amounts are those that are detectable, but in concentrations so small that they cannot be accurately measured.
Traditional tobacco smoking had a pretty good run, but it might be time to let it go. In a world of technological advances that improve lives every day, it was only a matter of time before and electronic smoking device made regular tobacco obsolete. Take advantage of the incredible range of electronic cigarettes. They can be found at the most reputable online retailer specializing in e-cigs, and you’ll easily find the right starter kit for your personal needs. If you’re having trouble choosing the right e-cig, a brief conversation with knowledgeable staff will help you choose to the ideal solution for your specific needs and tastes.